So Proud of Jackson-Via Computer Club!

Read about us in the December 2015 issue of Charlottesville Family Magazine:

Here is the link to the online version:

JV Hour of Code – 2015 ~ Parents Invited!

  1. CSLoginCapture Login for Hour of Code (Code Studio).
  2. Choose “Code Studio” under your username (upper right).
  3. Choose either Minecraft or Star Wars and “Try now.”

Learn how to create your own game:


Web Capture, 11/29/2015

Learn how to build things:


Web Capture, 11/29/2015


OnHourOfCode_logo_RGB November 30, the last meeting of our Fall 2015 Computer Clubs, we will participate in the Hour of Code, the largest learning event in history.

We invite parents of students in our after-school computer clubs to join us in the Jackson-Via Library to enjoy this  exciting event along with our club members.

Hope to see you there!

Meetings 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

We continue with our Storytelling and Game Design clubs.

  • Click the CS First / Scratch link under Quick Links and sign in (top right) to CS First with the Username and Password on your Passport.
  • Watch the first video. Each video will end with steps for you to complete. The first video instructs you to click the link to Scratch  (here circled in red):

    WebCapture, 10/16/15

    Be sure to sign in to Scratch with the same Username and Password in your Passport so that your project will be automatically saved, and then click Create to start working on your new project.

  • Now you should have two tabs open. You will be able to watch the video in the CS First tab and then switch to the Scratch tab to complete the tasks.  When you have completed the tasks in Scratch, go back to the CS First tab and click the green Next arrow to continue.
  • Move back and forth between the tabs until you have watched all the videos and completed all the tasks.  Don’t miss the very cool Add-Ons after the last video!
  • When our club time is almost over, your teachers will tell you to go to the Wrap-Up.  Follow the green arrows through all the Wrap-Up up sections, and don’t miss the questions at the end.

Download QuickStart as PDF

JV Computer Club is off to a great start – Thanks, MsYoder, MsDixon, MrDaly !

With three teachers involved this year, we have been able to expand the size of our after-school club to nineteen very enthusiastic members.

At the first meeting we watched a video featuring some famous folks (Bill Gates, etc.) explaining what coding is and why everyone might like to learn how to do it.  We started everyone in the Code Studio courses  and spent some time sharpening coding skills in preparation for the Hour of Code event later this year.

Next week we will start our Google CS First / Scratch clubs with members choosing either Game Design or Storytelling.  The fun has just begun!