JV Computer Club – Spring 2009

jvcc - Spring 2009

Photo by Becca Gibson, JV ITRT

We really enjoyed the Jackson-Via Computer Club this year!  All of the members have been working very hard to learn the basics of posting to  blogs. The tasks included writing a post and scanning an image into Adobe Fireworks.  We just wish that we had more time to get it all perfect!

Club members are bringing in some books from home to donate to needy children in our area, and we will keep thinking of ways that we can help those in need.

ABC News has done a series of reports on the problems in Appalachia, and here is what they say:

Central Appalachia has up to three times the national poverty rate, an epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the shortest life span in the nation, toothlessness, cancer and chronic depression. But everywhere in these hills, there are also young fighters filled with courage and hope.

Here are some videos to watch:

Our thanks to Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris for showing us his own blog, Ms. Nancy Lambert for her presentation on helping the poor in Kentucky, and Ms. Becca Gibson for helping with the technology tools.

We hope that  all of you who read this will be inspired to reach out and help some of the less fortunate around us!

-Blogger RuthK

It is important to help.


It is important to help.  Some people are way too needy. People sometimes don’t have clothes.  They are both hungry and thirsty.  That person needs help!
-Blogger jvcc20

We need to love the children and take care of the children.


We need to love the children and take care of the children. I am so sad when I hear about starving children.  Starving is so horrible for all people.  Children are upset about their lives.  We need to love all children and make sure that they are blessed.
-Blogger jvcc18

There are many ways that we can help poor people.


There are many ways that we can help poor people.  The people are needy.  People who help are not greedy.  The people are hungry.  People who are poor have no clothes.  People who are greedy do not give to the poor.
-Blogger jvcc17