JV Music & Sound- Spring 2016

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***We use our CS First username and password to login to CS First.
We use our jvstudent username and password to sign in to Scratch. ***


Badge Day ~ March 14, 2016

Schedule for Spring 2016

FEB  8 – First JV Computer Club Meeting, Getting Started with Scratch.  

Google CS First Music & Sound

  • FEB 22 – Introduction and Discovery – We learn about the scope and procedures of this CS First club, then explore Scratch and create our first program.
  • FEB 29 – Dance Party – We create a dance party animation. We will use forever loops and will be encouraged to tinker with the “movement” blocks.
  • MAR 7 – Musical Art – We create a colorful collage by programming a repeating pattern. Then, we will make the colors in the collage play a sound when the mouse touches them.
  • MAR 14 – Guru Introduction and Musical Talent Show – We learn more about the CS First Gurus and earn badges by creating a Musical Talent show.
  • MAR 21 – DJ Mixer – We choose a repeating loop of background music, make a slider that speeds up or slows down a sound, and create a keypress event that plays a single note.
  • MAR 28 – Music Video – We create a music video using procedures, which are new commands made up of a set of instructions. To define a procedure in Scratch, we need to make a new block. We also choose a song for our video and add a sprite that grows.

APR 11 – Final JV Computer Club Meeting – Celebration and Sharing

Miss something?  Want to go back and keep working on an activity? Click the image below to get to all of the Google CS-First Music & Sound videos.

Google CS First Music & Sound