JV Storytelling Club – Fall 2015

JV Storytelling Studio                    CS First START

Schedule for Fall 2015

  • OCT 12 – Explore: We establish a club culture, understand the scope of the club, learn CS First procedures, and begin to explore the Scratch programming interface. 
  • OCT 19 – Dialogue: We create a story in which two characters talk to each other without using questions.  (sequencing, “say” and “wait” blocks)
  • OCT 26 – Setting: We create a dynamic stormy-day setting, complete with rain and lightning. After developing a setting, we program a stormy-day story.  (loops, randomness)
  • NOV 9 – Premise – Badge Activity: We build a story around one of four premises. While building these stories, members earn badges for coding particular elements. (Modularity)
  • NOV 16 – Characterization: We create a story in which one character narrates another character’s actions and thoughts.  (broadcast, sequencing, looks blocks)
  • NOV 23 –  Interactive Storytelling: We create a story in which the audience can make a decision.  (conditionals, sequencing)

Miss something?  Want to go back and keep working on an activity?  Click the image below to get to all of the Google CS-First Storytelling videos.


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