Club Meeting 2.2

Creating Shapes (Part 1)

     Meeting Date: March 2, 2015

For this meeting we will be using Online Scratch.

1. Using Math To Draw Shapes in Scratch

Topics: Math Concepts: x-y grid, directions, lines, shapes, angles.

2. Challenge

  • Open your browser, go to the Scratch website at, and click Create in the top menu bar.
  • Name your project by typing in the text box above the Stage area to replace “Untitled” with yourscratchname-2.1-Shapes.
  • Create the shapes on Card 1.
  • Continue adding to your project as time permits.
  • At the end of the Challenge time, save your project by clicking File in the bar over the Stage area and choosing Download to your computer. Select your Documents folder as the location to save your file, make sure that you have given your project the correct name, and click the Save button.

3. Free Coding Time

Club members work on coding projects of their choice.  Be sure to save your project before you shut down your computer.

~ ~ ~

For Spring 2015 we start with using math concepts to draw Shapes and  Patternsand then we learn how to create our own maze games.  For an Hour of Code, we Create a Pong Game using Online Scratch.